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California Lawmakers Seek to Further Expand Equal Pay Legislation

The California Legislature just last week introduced another bill that would expand equal pay protections to race and ethnicity. If passed, this law could affect employers as much as, if not more than, the Fair Pay Act. 

Patrick J. Goode II, Esq.
Patrick J. Goode II, Esq.

By Patrick J. Goode II, Esq.

With the amount of publicity that the Fair Pay Act received and the Wage Equality Act is likely to receive, California employers can anticipate substantial litigation, including potential class actions related to pay discrimination. Employers should take proactive steps to ensure compliance with existing and proposed equal pay laws by:  1) carefully scrutinizing employees’ job descriptions, actual duties performed, and rates of pay to determine any potential pay discrepancies related to gender, race, or ethnicity; 2) determining whether any such discrepancies are based on legitimate business reasons and, if so, documenting these reasons or, if not, correcting the discrepancies; and 3) updating employee handbooks and other human resources materials to reflect compliance with the Fair Pay Act and, if passed, the Wage Equality Act.

Klinedinst PC will continue to follow the progress of the Wage Equality Act as well as the development of case law related to the Fair Pay Act. Please contact the Klinedinst Employment Litigation and Counseling Group for more information regarding equal pay laws or any other employment matter.