Molly L. Zohn Discusses California Homeowners Going “Off Grid” in Law360

Molly Zohn’s analysis of Title 24’s requirements regarding solar photovoltaic installations appears in Law360. Ms. Zohn’s article examines whether it is legal for California homeowners to disconnect from the grid, and how changes to the Energy Code may provide future opportunities for electric consumers.

Photo of Molly L. Zohn
Molly L. Zohn, Esq.

SAN DIEGO – Legal news service Law360 has published Molly L. Zohn, Chair of Klinedinst’s Energy and Natural Resources Group (ENRG), in an article on Title 24’s requirements with regards to solar photovoltaic installations in California.

With more and more companies entering the energy storage market. and with the declining cost of both solar cells and batteries, people are seriously asking themselves if they would be better off using solar and batteries to go “off grid” and disconnect from their electric utility.

However, no one has ever answered the question: Legally, can owners of single family homes in California, the state with the most photovoltaic solar installations, disconnect? Analysts warn of a “utility death spiral,” which would cause a self perpetuating cycle where utility prices rise due to less consumers being on the grid, therefore causing more and more consumers to then abandon the grid.

Complicating the question is a recent CPUC decision regarding net metering. Under proposed rules, the utilities will impose new charges for interconnection, a ruling which may begin to tip the balance for some consumers toward off-grid systems.

To review Ms. Zohn’s analysis of the legalities of disconnecting off-grid, read the full article by clicking here.

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