Ryan S. Little Discusses Ethics of Mainland Law Firms Responding to Maui Wildfires in Law360

Ryan S. Little, Esq.
Ryan S. Little

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIALaw360 has just published an article by Ryan S. Little on the ethics of law firms on the mainland responding to the recent wildfires that devastated Maui.

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The article, published on August 28, 2023, discusses several of the challenges that law firms representing clients in wildfire litigation must be aware of, particularly as it pertains to the Hawaii Rules of Professional Conduct (HRPC). Mainland firms often have the capacity and resources to handle such a far-reaching case, but may not necessarily understand all the intricacies and regulations, including the HRPC, that await their arrival.

Licensed in both California and Hawaii, Mr. Little brings a unique perspective to this issue. Prior to joining Klinedinst, Mr. Little had worked as a prosecutor for the Office of Disciplinary Counsel (ODC) in Honolulu. At ODC, Mr. Little was responsible for supervising investigations, making charging decisions, trying cases, and litigating appeals. Now, he is able to use that experience to provide a vigorous defense to clients accused of ethical misconduct and malpractice.

To read the full article on Law360 (paid subscription required), please visit: You can also read a PDF version without subscription and download the full article.

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