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Free to Thrive

Klinedinst is honored to shine a spotlight on the organizations making a difference in our community. One of those organizations that we are proud to feature is the non-profit organization, Free to Thrive.

The Free to Thrive organization is one of the leading nonprofits in California helping human trafficking survivors and includes a diverse group of people involved in the anti-trafficking movement. They seek to safeguard the constitutional rights of victims exposed to human trafficking. By effectively utilizing legal access to reclaim the victim’s legal rights, they are able to combat the problem and help people.

To empower survivors of human trafficking, Free to Thrive is guided by four core values: client-first, trauma-informed, holistic, and advocacy for justice. The organization advocates for human trafficking survivors by redefining survivors as victims of crime rather than criminals in the criminal justice and family law systems. The main objective of Free to Thrive is to provide survivors with access to justice and help those whose lives have been severely impacted by human trafficking rebuild their lives.

Klinedinst has been a long-time supporter of Free to Thrive and the founder, Jamie Beck, and is pleased to have sponsored their movie premier and fundraiser event on September 23, 2021. They have made a remarkable difference in the lives of human trafficking victims and continue to shine a light in the community.

Free to Thrive empowers survivors of human trafficking to be free from exploitation and to thrive by providing them with holistic and trauma-informed, legal and support services in collaboration with our service partners, and by increasing access to justice for all survivors.

To learn more about Free to Thrive and the positive impact they are making in the community, please visit

Klinedinst PC is not affiliated with Free to Thrive and provides this information as a service to the community. 

Facts at a Glance

Founded: 2016

President, Managing Attorney and Founder: Jamie Beck

Phone: (619) 693-6361

Mailing Address: 1050 University Ave #E107-84, San Diego, CA 92103

Major Programs 

Access to Justice: Free to Thrive’s Criminal Justice Program, working with clients who are victims of crime, covers a variety of criminal matters, giving clients a voice and solutions in their best interest. Human trafficking survivors in jail or prison are assisted with access to social and legal services that lead to a successful reentry into society.

Family First: Provides trauma-informed legal advocacy in family law and related matters to human trafficking survivors.

Open Doors Criminal Vacatur: Helps human trafficking survivors open doors by clearing criminal convictions connected to their exploitation via the California Vacatur law.

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