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State Bar of Arizona

Klinedinst is honored to shine a spotlight on the organizations making a difference in our community. One of those organizations that we are proud to feature is the State Bar of Arizona. 

The Arizona State Bar serves the people of Arizona through oversight of the legal profession. In 1895, the first statewide bar association was created in what was then the Arizona Territory. The Bar was active in rewriting of a civil code for the Territory in 1902. The Arizona Bar Association was incorporated in 1906, and went on to promote statehood for Arizona, which happened in 1912. That same year, the Arizona Bar adopted the ethical rules of the American Bar Association, and introduced official admission procedures for the practice of law in Arizona.

The State Bar of Arizona was created as a mandatory membership organization in 1933 by the Legislature, with a mission of serving both the legal profession and the general public. Over the years, the organization evolved in terms of structure. In fact, for much of its existence, the State Bar of Arizona had dual oversight by both the legislature and supreme court. That changed in 1985, when supervision by the Legislature was dropped, leaving the Bar under the sole oversight of the Arizona Supreme Court.

Today, the State Bar of Arizona licenses and regulates attorneys, with a goal of protecting the public from harmful conduct by attorneys. The organization currently has 100 employees, charged with developing and enforcing professional guidelines to which attorneys must adhere. The State Bar of Arizona currently has 24,000 licensed attorneys, and provides the public with the resources necessary to research lawyers, find a Certified Specialist, or file a complaint against an attorney. 

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Facts at a Glance

President: Benjamin Taylor

Phone: (602) 252-4804

Mailing Address: 4201 N. 24th St., Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85016-6266

Mission Statement

The State Bar of Arizona exists to serve and protect the public with respect to the provision of legal services and access to justice.  Consistent with these goals, the State Bar of Arizona seeks to improve the administration of justice and the competency, ethics, and professionalism of lawyers practicing in Arizona.

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