Washington State Bar Association

Klinedinst is honored to shine a spotlight on the organizations making a difference in our community. One of those organizations that we are proud to feature is the Washington State Bar Association. 

Created in 1888, the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) works to license and govern all of Washington’s legal professionals, including lawyers, practice officers, and legal technicians. The WSBA is a major component of the Washington Supreme Court that regulates the bar admission process and ensures that attorneys are providing ethical representation to their clients. In addition to overseeing and administering the state bar, the WSBA is also responsible for record-keeping and licensing. As a professional association, the WSBA also provides continuing legal education and additional educational member-service activities.

The WSBA actively works to promote equality and diversity in the legal profession. This is achieved through increasing both the effectiveness and accessibility to the legal system for Washington residents. In terms of commitment to racial equity and justice, the WSBA actively supports both the Diversity Committee and the Pro Bono and Public Service Committee.  

To learn more about the the Washington State Bar Association, please visit WSBA.org.

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Facts at a Glance

Licensed Attorneys: Over 33,000
Address: 1325 Fourth Ave., Suite 600, Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: (213) 765-1000

Mission Statement

The mission of the Washington State Bar Association is to serve the public and the members of the Bar, to ensure the integrity of the legal profession, and to champion justice.

Major Functions

Administers the Washington Bar Exam.

Record-keeping and licensing functions.

Provides continuing legal education for legal professionals.

Administers the lawyer discipline system.

More Information

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