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  • Each user/employee can create their own free account (No conflicts with shared accounts)
  • Virtual Backgrounds (Download Samples)
  1. Free accounts are limited to only 40 minutes per session
  2. Increased scrutiny over privacy; end-to-end encryption promised has security gaps that company is addressing.

Download the Zoom App ▶

Microsoft Teams

  • Create groups of up to 20 people
  • Can share your screen
  • Text chats can include photos and audio files
  • Virtual Backgrounds (Download Samples)

Download the Microsoft Teams App ▶


  • Good for larger groups with less moderation needed 
  • Integrates smoothly with Outlook: emails the meeting access information to calendar entry
  • Offers end-to-end encryption so meetings are more secure.

Download the Webex App ▶


  • Good for larger groups in a presenter format, where other participants are muted by default 
  • Allows custom branding for your webinar/meeting 
  • Has a sophisticated registration system, ideal for selling tickets or managing your attendee list for webinars 
  1. Doesn’t allow desktop and document sharing.

Download the GoToWebinar App ▶


  • Better suited to internal meetings with more interactivity between the attendees
  • Easy to use control panel for connecting with participants
  1. Free account is only temporary trial.

Download the GoToMeeting App ▶


  • Supports up to 100 participants in a meeting or webinar 
  • Free account can be created for each user
  • Available on mobile devices and computers 
  • Supports video and content sharing 
  • Meeting recordings
  • Text chat 

Download the BlueJeans App ▶


  • Record the call for up to 30 days
  • Can blur the background (if you have the app)
  • Share presentations
  • Up to 50 participants, no time limit

Download the Skype App ▶

Google Meet

  • Unlimited meeting time until September 30th; afterward, 60-minute limit
  • Up to 100 participants
  • Offers noise cancellation feature

Run Google Meet ▶

Download Virtual Backgrounds ▶

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Welcome to the Lawyer Meeting Center

This is a resource guide on the major teleconferencing services, with some details on the strengths and weaknesses of each, including how to get them setup quickly and running. We’re also tracking virtual deposition and mediation companies offering remote services and listing them below.

Deposition Companies Offering Virtual Services

Advanced Depositions
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Magna Legal Services
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Peterson Reporting
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TSG Reporting
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Veritext Virtual
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Mediation Companies Offering Virtual Services

ADR Services, Inc.
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Judicate West
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West Coast Resolution Group
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No endorsement of any of the products or services listed is implied or intended. This directory is provided for informational purposes only. No attorney/client relationship is created by using these services.