Cyber Incident Response

Klinedinst attorneys help businesses of all sizes in developing and executing effective responses to data breaches and cyber incidents. Security incidents are increasing in size and sophistication each year, with organizations across all industries being attacked. Failing to mitigate the damage timely can lead to insurmountable costs addressing compromised data, customer loss and regulatory penalties.

The firm’s Cyber Incident Response team provides proactive guidance for clients, including:

  • 24×7 data security incident response
  • Cyber incident response plans, disclosure obligations, crisis response and user conflict situations
  • Relationships with a variety of forensic, cybersecurity, crisis communication and related companies for urgent incident response situations
  • Regularly work with most major insurance providers
  • Guidance on significant security incidents

Our team of dedicated data privacy and security professionals works with clients to build a cyber incident response plan that is custom to every business, outlining specific steps an organization will take in the event of a data breach or security incident. The Klinedinst team becomes an extension of your organization in the event of a security incident, acting as the first line of response to ensure that your business is secure and responsive to the needs of each security incident. Contact Klinedinst today to learn more about our capabilities in this rapidly-evolving space.

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