Klinedinst attorneys in our Fidelity and Surety group investigate, negotiate and litigate matters involving surety bonds. We handle both public and private sector bond claims, including claims and litigation involving performance bonds, payment bonds (including Miller Act Bonds), bid bonds and contractor license bonds.

Our attorneys represent clients to enforce common law and contractual rights of exoneration and indemnification. We also defend claims against sureties, and prosecute claims against third parties to recover funds for the surety. Our attorneys’ extensive legal experience is enhanced by the firm’s in-depth knowledge of the building and construction trades. Klinedinst’s goal is to minimize the loss and expense to our clients by successfully guiding our clients through the various stages of surety law including negotiations, claims and litigation.

Klinedinst attorneys also handle matters involving fidelity bonds. These cases involve bonds on behalf of various businesses, including financial institutions, which provide coverage for employee fraud and dishonesty. These cases include forgery (including check forgery), embezzlement, closed bank/savings and loan litigation, and lending losses.

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