Erik Ben-Zekry


Erik Ben-Zekry is an associate attorney in the Seattle office of Klinedinst PC, where he effectively assists clients in a diverse range of practice areas including real property disputes, professional liability, and commercial litigation.

Before joining the firm, Mr. Ben-Zekry served King County and Snohomish County as a prosecuting attorney in district and superior courts, where he obtained significant trial experience, negotiated countless cases, and managed a prosecutorial diversion program assisting individuals with overcoming substance abuse disorders. Since leaving the public sector, Mr. Ben -Zekry has gained experience in family law, personal injury litigation, products liability, and business transactions. Along with his successful litigation practice, Mr. Ben-Zekry negotiated a multimillion-dollar business sales transaction between a business owner and corporate competitor, and he played a key role on the team that drafted a petition for rulemaking to the Washington State Office of Administrative Hearings that resulted in the establishment of WAC 10-24-010, which provides representation as an accommodation in adjudicative proceedings, a form of “civil Gideon.”

A graduate of Seattle University School of Law, Mr. Ben-Zekry’s pursuit of law was inspired by his desire to live his values and benefit his clients and community. With meticulous effort and an empathetic disposition, Mr. Ben-Zekry assists his client in navigating their issues toward achieving resolution. Whether the environment is collaborative or independent, litigation or transactional, Mr. Ben-Zekry is prepared to surmount today’s legal challenges.



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Erik Ben-Zekry