Wrap Assessment and Litigation

Wrap or “wrap-up” insurance policies are designed to reduce costs and avoid headaches on major construction projects. Wrap insurance generally covers all construction related parties in a construction project under one umbrella policy. The wrap policy will ordinarily provide project specific general liability insurance coverage to the owner, general contractor and sub-contractors involved in the construction project. Klinedinst offers legal assistance understanding and implementing both major facets of wrap policies: wrap policy assessment, and wrap policy litigation.

Wrap Policy Assessment

One important consideration to take when purchasing an insurance policy is  the coverage scope.  It can be difficult to assess the potential possible claims a project can face, and how much coverage to purchase. Wrap policies are useful, but they can be an additional expense for the owner, primary contractor or subcontractor in addition to a company-specific general liability policy. This extra cost can be shared among the owner, general contractors and sub-contractors, and provide peace of mind that comes with having certain potential project liability “wrapped-up” under one policy.

Klinedinst will help your business evaluate its coverage needs. Our knowledgeable wrap insurance attorneys will use their industry experience to review proposed wrap coverage and advise clients regarding whether a policy suits a specific need.

Wrap Insurance Litigation

The fine points of wrap policy coverage and the ensuing obligations of the insurer and insured are largely untested by the courts. Insurers writing these policies may have custom language (“manuscript”) that has not been interpreted by the courts. Coverage questions become critical when there is only one insurer available to answer significant claims, especially in cases where the wrap insurer has either denied coverage or reserved its rights. In these instances, experienced counsel is required to navigate through the maze of coverage issues.

Klinedinst has significant experience addressing these issues.  Klinedinst attorneys have been litigating cases involving wrap policies for decades and understand how to navigate the wrap policy complexities, helping to ensure a fast and efficient resolution for all parties involved.