Community Diversity News

A Call to Action from Klinedinst

Klinedinst has been proud for many years to support principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. To our clients and community partners, we are writing today to reinforce our commitment to these values. 

The tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery in 2020 shocked and moved us, and stood in direct contrast to these core principles that we have embraced as an organization. The reverberations from these killings continue to be felt today, and Klinedinst remains resolute in doing our part to make a difference. To make a change for good.

Part of the solution is to ensure that the next generation of lawyers and legal professionals come from diverse backgrounds and understand the need for positive change in the legal institutions we serve. Change starts with us, and we must take steps now to ensure that it continues with the next generation of lawyers, turning around years of systemic racism and inequality. 

We are also proud to support the important grass-roots work of our team members, many of whom serve as leaders in organizations that are making positive impacts in our local communities. We are deeply committed to dedicating additional resources and energy to these changemakers.   

While we have done much to foster diversity and inclusion, there clearly is a need for us as individuals, as a firm, and as a nation, to look ahead and to do more. Much more. To rise up and to seek equal opportunities for underrepresented communities, to ensure that Black-owned businesses have every chance to flourish and succeed, and to make sure that justice truly is served, regardless of color, nationality, or creed.

We commit to identifying tangible ways to build an inclusive environment, foster trust, and lead the legal profession in a manner that will make our children and grandchildren proud.   

We commit to listening to your concerns, and taking concrete, tangible steps to ensure that action is taken.

Finally, we commit to being the agents for change, and we hope you will join us as we navigate this path forward.