Grace P. Gower Reviews Recent California Supreme Court Decision Impacting PAGA Standing in USLAW NETWORK’s Short Takes

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – USLAW NETWORK just released a new edition of Short Takes featuring Klinedinst Senior Counsel Grace P. Gower. The clip is titled “California Employment Law Update: How Does the California Supreme Court Ruling in Adolph v. Uber Technologies Impact PAGA Claims?”

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Viking River Cruises v Moriana that employees can waive individual rights to Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) claims, and that such a waiver would then mean they no longer had standing to serve as a PAGA representative of other employees. However, in the recent Adolph v Uber Technologies, Inc. case, California’s highest court revisited statutory PAGA standing and effectively closed the door on this employer-friendly rule.

To help understand the significance of the Adolph ruling, Ms. Gower recorded an episode of Short Takes for distribution to members and clients within USLAW NETWORK.

Klinedinst congratulates Ms. Gower on her participation in USLAW NETWORK’s Short Takes. To learn more about Ms. Gower and her background, please visit:

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