Thomas Daugherty Presents Webinar on Preventing Class Action Lawsuits

Klinedinst Attorney Thomas Daugherty presented an Employment Law Webinar on preventing class actions. The webinar, “Class Dismissed! Stopping Class Action Lawsuits Before They Happen,” was delivered on August 11, and August 13, 2015.

Photo of Thomas E. Daugherty
Thomas E. Daugherty, Esq.

SAN DIEGO – Thomas Daugherty hosted a webinar discussing the causes of class action lawsuits, and the best ways employers can avoid them.  As part of Klinedinst’s ongoing KPC Employment Law Webinar Series, Mr. Daugherty provided attendees with practical guidance and tips on preventing class action litigation.

California employers must comply with a myriad of intersecting state and federal laws, and a simple clerical error can quickly lead to a potentially devastating and expensive class action lawsuit. In the gig economy, it has become increasingly difficult for employers to navigate the pitfalls that can lead to a class action lawsuit. Mr. Daugherty’s webinar addressed typical issues raised in employee class actions and the top ways for employers to prevent common mistakes and taking affirmative, preventative actions.

Mr. Daugherty provided attendees with specific tips to avoid a costly class action suit, while also warning against some of the common pitfalls that leave businesses subject to class action litigation.  Some of the covered topics included:

  • Overtime violations;
  • Rest and meal break violations;
  • Wage statement violations;
  • Reimbursement violations;
  • Misclassification violations;
  • Binding arbitration agreements; and
  • Severance releases.

Due to growing demand for this webinar series, Klinedinst was excited to offer Mr. Daugherty’s webinar, “Class Dismissed! Stopping Class Action Lawsuits Before They Happen” twice, on August 11, 2015, and August 13, 2015.

Klinedinst congratulates Mr. Daugherty on his excellent presentations.

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