The attorneys in the Public Entity Defense group have experience in defending government and public entities in a wide range of claims and lawsuits involving issues such as civil rights, dangerous conditions to public property, and general liability. Combining knowledge of the Tort Claims Act and other matters peculiar to public entity law with their excellent litigation skills, our attorneys are equipped to help a public entity defend against such claims, while appreciating the entity’s concern for the increased attention and discretion that often accompanies these types of public cases.

For example, our experience with the Brown Act allows our attorneys to work with governing boards and other leaders in planning a defense and developing a strategy for meeting the public’s desire for information about the claim at issue. In addition, our attorneys work with appropriate administrators when responding to Public Records Act requests to ensure compliance with the requests, while protecting the entity’s interests in the litigation.

School representation has been a significant focus of our firm’s experience. Klinedinst attorneys have provided advice and counsel to school board members, superintendents, administrators, risk managers, teachers and other school employees in a variety of cases involving student injuries, inadequacy of supervision, alleged sexual misconduct by teachers and administrators, and other areas.

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