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Shareholder Teresa M. Beck Helps NCWBA Launch New DEIB Toolkit for Bar Associations

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – Klinedinst Shareholder Teresa M. Beck helped launch a brand new Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) Toolkit for the National Conference of Women’s Bar Associations (NCWBA). The Toolkit is designed to help women’s bar associations increase their engagement and membership with various groups, particularly women of color.

Ms. Beck served as the 2022–23 President of NCWBA, and one of her goals was to not only address obstacles in gender equality, but those inhibiting racial diversity, as well. After noting the disparity between different racial groups in the membership of legal organizations, Ms. Beck established a Diversity Task Force to help NCWBA member associations strengthen their own diversity profiles.

One product of the NCWBA Diversity Task Force was the DEIB toolkit, designed to provide a roadmap for bar organizations to increase their inclusion of women of color. The toolkit outlines practical steps that can be easily integrated within an organization’s policy to increase the participation of both women in general, and women of color in particular. By driving change within individual organizations, the toolkit aims to help associations reach their own individually-defined DEIB goals, which can have profound positive effects on the legal profession.    

“We are very proud of the work Teresa and NCWBA are doing in the legal community,” said Heather L. Rosing, CEO of Klinedinst who previously served as the inaugural President of the California Lawyers Association. “Bar organizations across the country appreciate guidance like this as they seek to diversify their membership, particularly in terms of women of color. This toolkit is an amazing resource that we anticipate being embraced by bar groups across the country.”

Within Klinedinst, Ms. Beck serves as Co-Chair of the DEIB Committee, where she helps foster inclusivity and equity initiatives across the firm’s six offices. In 2023, the firm achieved Mid-Size Mansfield Rule Certification, and continues to be an active participant within the Mansfield community. The firm also regularly hosts webinars on DEIB-related topics, and participates in the American Bar Association’s annual Model Diversity Survey.

Klinedinst congratulates Ms. Beck on the successful launch of the DEIB Toolkit, and thanks her for her service to NCWBA. For more information on the new NCWBA DEIB Toolkit, visit:

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