Class action litigation is high stakes and often involves “bet the company” decisions by the businesses and decision makers facing such litigation. Klinedinst’s Class Actions group understands this, and has substantial experience in navigating clients through the complexities of class action litigation.

Class actions are some of the most complex lawsuits to handle, often due to the sheer volume of information which must be collected, organized, and utilized in the defense of such matters. Each class action case is unique, often involving multiple parties such as shareholders, consumers, retailers, insurers, and suppliers, and frequently with long-term strategic consequences to the affected businesses. Our attorneys employ proactive and strategic defenses to assist their clients in defeating class claims.

In some cases, resolution of the litigation on a class wide basis may be in the client’s best interests. When a client makes this strategic decision, Klinedinst attorneys are able to craft settlements that protect their clients’ long-term business and litigation interests.

Klinedinst has represented clients in class action litigation on the following legal matters:

  • Product Liability/Consumer Products
  • Medical Device
  • Employment/Wage and Hour Cases
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act/Rosenthal Act
  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act
  • Consumer Legal Remedies Act
  • Utility Pricing/Rate Disputes
  • Special Education
  • Disability Access

We stand ready to defend our business and commercial clients in a wide range of class action matters, as well as multi-district and coordinated litigation. Our attorneys have served as lead defense counsel in class actions filed in state and federal courts throughout the country. Klinedinst also has served as monitoring and/or coordinating counsel in coordinated proceedings in California state courts, and in multi-district litigation throughout the United States.