Lawyers and Accountants

When lawyers and accountants are faced with allegations, careful and thoughtful analysis by skilled and experienced attorneys is a must. Professionals need responsive, trial-ready counsel who will distill the complaint to its primary issues, take the time to thoroughly understand the facts, and craft and implement a comprehensive strategy with precision.

Klinedinst attorneys are that counsel.

Klinedinst attorneys in the Lawyers and Accountants practice group have developed a well-earned reputation for their defense of claims against lawyers and accountants, including lawsuits alleging negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, unfair business practices, and malicious prosecution. This includes the defense of class action matters. Several members of the Klinedinst team hold specialty certifications in Legal Malpractice Law, and have received awards recognizing them as the best in this area of practice. Klinedinst attorneys also advise legal and accounting professionals on ethics and risk management matters, and assist with other business-related matters such as partnership disputes and real estate transactions.

With active team members located across all of our offices, Klinedinst attorneys handle a wide variety of these malpractice suits. Regardless of the damages alleged, Klinedinst attorneys are skilled at providing a vigorous defense to each and every one of the professional clients. Our attorneys are adept at providing precise analyses; drafting targeted and effective discovery plans; developing case themes; developing resolution strategies; crafting pre-trial motions, including initial responses, motions for summary judgment, and anti-SLAPP motions; and trying or arbitrating cases.

Armed with the latest in collaboration tools, attorneys in the Lawyers and Accountants group regularly strategize with attorneys across our practice groups and our California offices to provide comprehensive, integrated legal services to every client.

Learn how Klinedinst’s Lawyers and Accountants team can be of service, and contact one of our team members today.

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