The attorneys in Klinedinst’s Product Liability practice represent regionally, nationally and internationally-based clients and defend their product liability claims throughout the Western United States. We also serve as national coordinating counsel for clients with multi-state and multi-district products litigation.

Product liability cases are some of the most demanding, often with complex underlying issues and high exposure potential. Our firm has a proven track record of defeating these lawsuits at trial and through law and motion work, including motions for summary judgment. Recognizing that no product liability case is the same, our team is sophisticated and flexible enough to handle virtually any claim presented. In defending design defect allegations, our attorneys work closely with client engineering staff and appropriate consultants in the particular field to overcome such claims.

Our professionals have successfully defended these cases brought under theories of strict product liability, negligence, express and implied warranty, fitness for intended purpose, as well as the defense of subrogation actions.

When it comes to experience, no product is too big or too small. Products involved in past and present litigation range in size from soft drink cans to construction cranes. Our attorneys have tackled cases including consumer/household products, plumbing and electrical products, chemicals, automobiles, ship tanks, forklifts, grave crypts, guns, plane ramps, scaffolds, tires, and toys.

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