Klinedinst Hosts New Cybersecurity Webinar on Emerging Threats to Businesses

Klinedinst attorneys Samuel B. Strohbehn and J. Scott Miller hosted a webinar tailored to small and mid-size businesses explaining deterrents of cyber attacks and best practices for responding after a breach. With nearly two-thirds of online attacks targeted towards small and mid-size companies, the webinar offered valuable information on steps businesses can take right now to mitigate risk.

SAN DIEGO – Klinedinst attorney Samuel B. Strohbehn hosted a webinar to discuss cybersecurity on Tuesday, May 10, 2016. The webinar offered valuable information for small- to mid-size businesses on the increasing risk of cyber attacks, preventing and deterring them, and how to correctly respond to cyber incidents. The webinar also familiarized participants on cyber deterrents, as well as cost effective ways to efficiently implement a security plan at an operational level, how to communicate the attack to people affected, how to recover the loss of trust, and ways to reduce liability.

Cyber attacks and data security breaches are becoming more common, which can affect all types of businesses. The threats continue to multiply, with no business immune from hacks, malware, ransomware, and network breaches. The New York Times estimated that in 2014, 60% of online attacks targeted small to mid-size companies. With smaller companies more likely to be victimized, the webinar will provide best practices for business owners, managers, and executives to mitigate risk of a cyber attack.

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