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Klinedinst Hosts Special Neurodiversity Webinar

What is Neurodiversity?

In companies of all sizes, it is becoming more and more common to discuss diversity in outwardly visible ways. However, what about diversity that you cannot see?

All of us absorb information differently, with unique experiences that impact the way we think and react. Built on the foundation that there is no one “right” way of thinking, learning, and behaving, neurodiversity can help employers see differences in their employees as benefits, not deficits. Studying and embracing neurodiversity can help companies understand and appreciate the differences in the way people’s brains work.

This virtual roundtable on neurodiversity featured a respected group of panelists, including:

  • Joanna Storey Mishler, Senior Counsel at Klinedinst PC
  • Kendra J. Muller, Attorney for Disability Rights California (DRC)
  • Jenae C. McPhatter, President and Founder ofEVRO, Inc
  • Erik N. Weber, Special Education Attorney

To watch the full panel discussion, please click here or watch below.

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