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RESOLVE Law San Diego Launches to Help Courts Clear Civil Litigation Backlog Due to COVID-19

Klinedinst Shareholder and CFO Heather Rosing has joined with other local bar leaders to launch RESOLVE Law San Diego. One of the first of its kind, RESOLVE Law San Diego is a volunteer-driven initiative to help civil litigants resolve cases that may be facing significant delays in the courts due to COVID-19.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIAHeather Rosing and other members of the San Diego legal community have teamed together to launch RESOLVE Law San Diego, an initiative that aims to help move civil litigation out of the backlog of court cases and along the path towards resolution.

Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, state and local government mandates required the San Diego Superior Court system to shut down for nearly 10 weeks. There is now an unprecedented backlog of filings, hearings, and trials that the courts are contending with. In San Diego County alone, over 87,000 civil matters have had to be rescheduled, which strains the system and causes major delays. As the Superior Court system re-opens, criminal matters will have priority over civil cases, further impacting civil matters. 

Photo of Heather L. Rosing
Heather L. Rosing

Working in conjunction with the Court, a task force of bar leaders examined options for assisting the system of justice. These volunteers rose to the challenge and formed a private effort called RESOLVE Law San Diego to help the courts with its ever-growing backlog of civil litigation. Klinedinst Shareholder and Chief Financial Officer Heather Rosing serves on the steering committee that launched RESOLVE Law San Diego, and has become one of the initiative’s biggest proponents. 

RESOLVE Law San Diego is made up of hundreds of volunteer attorneys and retired judges that have pledged to help keep litigation moving forward. RESOLVE Law San Diego offers the unique opportunity for litigants to connect with volunteer mediators and referees that will agree to hear matters free of charge. It is a free venue for dispute resolution during this COVID-19 crisis. RESOLVE Law San Diego also has a streamlined website that allows parties and attorneys to do a simple registration process entirely online. Those seeking the services are allowed to pick the neutral from the list of volunteers. 

No other legal community in California has formed a program of this nature, providing civil litigants a no-cost venue for dispute resolution during the pandemic. RESOLVE Law San Diego already has over 240 volunteers, including numerous retired judges, making it the largest pro bono program ever in San Diego.

“RESOLVE Law San Diego is absolutely critical to helping the courts clear their backlog of civil litigation,” added Ms. Rosing. “With this initiative, we aim to give a path to resolution that civil litigants so desperately seek, using the wealth of resources and experience that our local volunteers have to offer. This is a groundbreaking response to an unprecedented pandemic, and we are so proud of the work RESOLVE Law San Diego has done in such a short period of time.”

The services of volunteers can be accessed through the RESOLVE Law San Diego website, which is designed to expedite and streamline the legal process. Once parties agree to participate and select the type of service they require, mediation, or law and motion/discovery disputes, they can select from the volunteer professionals that have signed up to resolve disputes. 

Ms. Rosing brings a nationwide reputation for her experience and skill in litigating complex malpractice, fraud cases, and D&O matters, as well as counseling in ethics and risk management. Ms. Rosing also serves as a consultant and expert witness in the areas of fee disputes, professional responsibility, privileges, and attorney duties.

The initiative has also been featured on ABC 10 News San Diego, Law360, Times of San Diego, and more. 

Klinedinst congratulates Ms. Rosing for her critical role in a groundbreaking organization, and thanks her for her tireless commitment to the legal community. For more information about RESOLVE Law San Diego, visit

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