San Diego County Bar Association

Klinedinst is honored to shine a spotlight on the organizations making a difference in our community. One of those organizations that we are proud to feature is the San Diego County Bar Association (SDCBA).

The SDCBA is the county’s oldest and largest law‐related organization and serves as the hub of the region’s legal community. The organization’s mission is to connect lawyers and support their success and fulfillment. Klinedinst PC has been an avid supporter of the SDCBA for many years, and regularly participates in events, campaigns, and fundraisers of the SCBA.

Klinedinst attorneys have aided in leading education efforts, served in leadership roles, and been active in SDCBA elections. Klinedinst CEO and President Heather L. Rosing, who received the Service to the SDCBA award in 2012, served many positions in the SDCBA, and ended up serving as its President in 2008, where she spearheaded a civility campaign among the SDCBA members. Shareholder and Deputy General Counsel Dave M. Majchrzak served as President in 2022, building upon his experience counseling attorneys on ethics and professional responsibility. Stacey A. Kartchner serves as President in 2024. Shareholder Robert M. Shaughnessy was co-chair of Appellate section and served on the Board of Directors from 2021-2023.

The SDCBA’s Board of Directors appointed Klinedinst attorney Irean Z. Swan to the Legal Ethics Committee, the SDCBA’s highly-regarded group that helps members navigate complex ethical issues. As part of this critical committee, Irean has participated in a number of LEC projects, including Ethics Quarterly, ethics opinions, Ethics in Brief, and the Legal Ethics Hotline.

Klinedinst is a member of the SDCBA 100% club, which means all of our attorneys in the San Diego office are actively involved in and support this organization through their membership.

Klinedinst Members

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Klinedinst PC is not affiliated with the San Diego County Bar Association and provides this information as a service to the community. For current statistics and information, please visit their website.

Facts at a Glance

Members: 10,000 (approx.)
Executive Director: Jill Epstein
Year Founded: 1899
Phone: (619) 231-0781
Fax: (619) 338-0042
Address: 401 W A St UNIT 1100, San Diego, CA 92101

Mission Statement

To connect lawyers and support their success and fulfillment.

Core Values

Inclusion: We value inclusion – the SDCBA welcomes everyone, and everyone belongs.

Community: We are a community, and serves as the home for San Diego’s legal professionals. This is the place to build long lasting, meaningful connections.

Innovation: The SDCBA is forward-looking and committed to evolving as the profession changes, bringing the latest best practices and technology to our members.

Leadership: The SDCBA fulfills a strong leadership role in advocating for the legal profession and providing rich opportunities for members to gain leadership experiences.

Growth: We foster and encourage growth, assisting attorneys in developing their relationships and their practices.

Celebration: We recognize, honor and celebrate lawyers and their important role in our world.

Major Programs

The Diversity Fellowship Program is a joint program of the San Diego County Bar Association (SDCBA) and Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) San Diego Chapter. Created in response to the low number of diverse attorneys practicing law in San Diego County, the Program provides an opportunity for diverse, first-year law students to learn and develop skills necessary to be successful in law firm and corporate legal department environments. The Program also introduces law firms and corporate legal departments to qualified individuals who might not otherwise be considered.

Klinedinst is proud to participate in this program and look forward to continuing our involvement employing and mentoring Diversity Fellows.

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